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#308142 - That was the first time anyone had seen me pee since I was a little girl, Dave took full advantage I was stood legs wide over the pan blushing like a school girl as pee started to jet from my pee hole he had three fingers worked up my twat I was so excited I was starting to cum again piss went everywhere, I knew it was filthy but I watched him lick his fingers clean, before he dipped them in once more and fed them to me. Being spanked especially my tits was a real turn on and I loved to pose and perform. After two years I realised how different sex was with with the brothers, firstly unlike Bob they were big and brash and quite crude, and they had two big cocks and they knew how to use them and use them on me.

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Kasumi nakasu
Woah so sexy
Koujirou genda
That s exactly how it happened to me and i love it since