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#322901 - I awoke to the sun streaming through the curtains and the feeling of being to hot I got up adjusted the AC and climbed back to bed Susie wasn't anywhere to be seen but she's an early riser and would probably be by the pool catching some rays I must have dozed off because I woke to the sound of movement in the room as I slowly opened my eyes there was Katie looking in her wardrobe which is about 3 feet from the side of the bed for something, she had obviously forgot to take a supply of clothes into her new room, as she was stretching up to the top shelf her silk nightdress which was just covering her ass rode to up to give me a perfect view of her lily white ass it always amazed me how she never got any kind of tan living in a country like Spain with her black hair she was almost Goth like, as she finished rummaging at the top of the wardrobe she bent down to retrieve shoes from the bottom of the wardrobe however they must have been stuck or they were right at the back and s

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Akira endou
Thanks for the great emotions you were awesome
Perfect performance of rimming my girl does the same for me but i want to try this with two girls
Rikka hishikawa
Keep feeling good in africa