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#264600 - As Marion relaxed in the haze of steam she stared dreamily at her young maid lustful thoughts crept into her head ideas of caressing and licking her taut nubile body in her most intimate parts. The old Lord could take it no more he grabbed the young wench by the waist and dragged her to a nearby storeroom in the darkened gloom he could see some grain sacks piled up he threw the young woman face down upon them pulling her skirts up around her waist with one hand he dropped his pants with the other ignoring her cries he thrust roughly into her tearing through her hymen in one brutal thrust her cries for her Lord to stop fell upon deaf ears he tore at her bodice freeing her large breasts they swung pendulously until he grabbed one in each hand roughly kneeding them her cries continued pleading with him to stop but the old Lord was deaf to her cries all that mattered to him was releasing the tension built up in his groin.

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