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#175748 - Back at our place after a few drinks I ask Jean what color are your panties she goes to my jacket and gets them out of my pocket, Dave asks Jean to show us where they should be, Jean stands in front of Dave and takes off her skirt standing there bottomless we then remove the rest of her cloths, she sits between us naked and we both slip a finger in her pussy she is so wet, I suggest setting up the video and video us taking her from both ends. A couple of nights later we met in the Social club then went down town ending up in the same club in the same positions Dave, Jean, Lyn & I. When we got home the phone rang and it was Lyn saying that Dave was on his way round as he had not said good night to Jean and she was to keep me talking until he arrived, Jean came into the room in T-shirt and panties asking who was on the phone, there was a knock at the door, Jean lets Dave in {he’s drunk] he says he did not get to say goodnight or give Jean a kiss goodnight, Jean says OK and gives hi

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