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#314252 - As we walked back to our vans I told Barry we would catch him later, I went into the caravan and straight to our room, I could swear I interrupted Jamie battering one out, he got all that stupid panicky way when I opened the door, and had that embarrassed look on his face, I could have left and let him finish, but why should I, if it had been the other way round he would have teased the life out of me, I just sprayed up with some linx deodorant and got dressed for the night, we both went through to the living area just as dad drew up with the Chinese meal. God only knows when I fell asleep but my cock felt as if it was on fire it had been rubbed that much over the previous couple of hours, Sunday Morning I got up early and went straight to the shower room to perv, I got undressed, showered and redressed then I was alone in the shower block, I heard the door opening and decided to go through the process again as if I had just come in for a shower, getting a double dose of cock viewin

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