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#123800 - shirt almost 100 procent see through and nothing else. Oh my god my little sister isn't wearing any panties, i thiught too my self, and hard on got even bigger. “okay Dan” she said and started jerking me slowly, “Okay sweety lets pee” I said and let me stream of pee go again, i had gotten my self place in a way so that me pee would hit Julies cunt, Julie was a little suprissed at first but quickly let herself go and started peeing on my cock and her own hand stroking my cock, i reached out and touched her smooth hairless child cunny and felt her warm pee flowing over me, I was so close to cumming but her hand jerked just at the right tempo to keep me in the edge, as i finished peing she kept stroking my member and peing on me which was to much me.

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