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#100435 - I fell asleep after I jerked off and woke in the morning at 7:00 from my alarm telling me to go to school, now that I knew there were people to look good for, I took time to get ready. Then they kissed each other, that gets me so horny when they do that, I said Come down to my room or as I like to call it 'My Fuck Dungeon' they laughed and followed me down the stairs to my room. At lunch I was walking to where we sat at lunch, but then out of nowhere Ben came from behind me and told me to follow him, so I did, then we went into one stall where we jerked each other off, me Cumming first then him a minute later, we did up our pants but before we left he gave me a quick kiss, passionate but quick, I kissed him back and we left to go to our spot.

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My favorite flick cant stop enjoying like a bish