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#255792 - Carl had now come around and seemed confused at the goings on 2 young women were at the side of him, one getting shafted on the floor and the other manipulating a big cock between her breasts, however it didn’t take him too long to get his bearings and was frantically stripping off when as if on cue Jenny re-entered the room just in time to remove his last items of clothing it was a relief to me to see that his equipment more or less matched mine, not that I got to see it for long before he entered Jenny doggie style. I stirred and sat up in the chair and took a coffee when offered it tasted great so went into the kitchen for a second cup, Carl was in there “ I don’t mean to be dim” he said “but I have never been at a party like this before, is it a case of anything goes ”? so I said “this is my first party too what were you thinking about”?, well it’s that Debbie, I fancy the pants off her but I’m worried about getting the brush off and making a fool of myself, I had it off with the

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