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#231114 - Where Am I? Where am I? You often wonder You speak my name like it comes from under You think you killed me, you think me dead! Too bad for you! You had already fled Before they found me! I was saved From everything you were, everything you craved You had whisked me away, onto the clouds But I couldn't see through your lucid shrouds You stole me away, with promises of love And vows that you'd show me above My life here, my fate sealed in stone But you never said you'd leave me alone! Your words made me tender, your words stuck me deep I can't believe you were really a creep! You snuck me away into the darkened room Chuckling at how you knew it would soon be my doom It was there in the shadows you took from me What no innocent girl should have to see Your heart cold, your fingers chilling You was not one new to this thing called killing You caressed me, your lips even colder And as the moments moved on you grew even bolde

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