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#295692 - When I finally calm down enough, I realise several things at once, one of which is that the water is completely cold and another that the floor is soaked, not that I really care. Hey, baby, get ready I'll be there in twenty minutes and pack a bag for the weekend It's my man, he remembered my birthday. He kneels down behind me I can feel his breath on the backs of my thighs I turn to watch but the steam has made it hard to see and he is just a dim shape, I arch my back as I feel his tongue sliding slowly up the inside of my leg, He licks higher and higher stopping just before his tongue reachs my aching pussy, I try to move so his tongue touchs me but he pulls away and laughs, Wait, baby just wait He starts again up the other leg, my pussy is flowing now and I know he must be tasting me at least a little.

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