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#248999 - There, that should do it, announced Jane, now let's finger that pussy!!! Connie sighed when Jane let her index finger poke its way into her now very wet vagina while jane commented in a little girl's voice, Is that what baby wanted!?! Oh god, that feels so good, I think I'm going to cum already, moaned Connie!!! Go ahead, baby, Jane cooed softly, cum for mama, make a nice orgasm for her!!! Hearing the young woman talking so babyishly, Connie felt her vagina convulse several times, and a very hard climax raced through her needy little twat! Sweet jesus that felt good, Connie panted, did I ever need that! Glad you liked it, replied Jane, I think we can give you that shave now, it seems to have softened up quite a bit, and out of nowhere Jane produced a triple track razor and began expertly shaving off all of Connie's thick pubic hair.

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