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#113927 - I woke first and just lay staring at the sexiest art teacher anyone could know, but not only that l was fucking her, her eyes lids flickered and opened we kissed, l put Lyn onto her back and got between her legs then eased my cock into her pussy parting her lips and slid inside her. We went to bed and both drifted off to sleep then early hours of the morning l was woken by Lyn wanking and sucking my cock, l couldn’t think of a better way to be woken and didn’t ask why she decided to suck me until l had given her something to swallow, Lyn’s answer was she couldn’t sleep. I lifted her legs she grabbed my cock and guided me into her love hole, her pussy was so wet inside it began making loud slurping suction sounds which got louder the faster l was fucking Lyn, l was about to tell her she was going to get the biggest sticky load, but she yelled “doggy, do me doggy”, she will never know how hard it was to hold back, Lyn got onto all fours l could see her inner thighs were glistening fro

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