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#351045 - I can hear the rattle of a clasp being unfastened close to my head and the dull heavy thud of something dropping to the floor, a wet nose suddenly finds my now exposed arsehole sniffing at it, I writhe but suddenly feel a hand on each knee drawing them open and pressing me back into the table as I feel a tongue licking at my arse, I moan and take a deep breath in, sudden aware of the smells around me, I can still smell your cock I know it's near me but I can also smell something knew, not quite placing it until I find my face suddenly buried between someone's thighs, no cock being forced down my throat this time, just the feel of smooth skin against my chin and cheeks and wetness coating my lips, without hesitation I lick my tongue up the length of the pussy spread over my face the taste so different from cock but just as delicious, I hear a female moan as I begin to lick and suck at the pussy. I feel gently hands in either side of my face and soft lips pressing against mine

Read Pay Sensei to, Watashi to. Ge | 老師的秘密、我的秘密。下 Swallow Sensei to, Watashi to. Ge | 老師的秘密、我的秘密。下

Most commented on Pay Sensei to, Watashi to. Ge | 老師的秘密、我的秘密。下 Swallow

Utena tenjou
Woulda been perfect if took that rubber off lol woulda wanted to feel that pussy
Nagisa hazuki
I would really love a foot joi with this beauty holy fukk