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#329173 - The girls were laying together, and had told the guys now to fuck them and cum over their faces or tits, as they wanted to see who could get the most cum, one guy I had seen walking around had huge balls but a smallish cock, stood above Jan’s face, he smiled as she sucked his cock, while he wanked, then he pulled back, and the most cum I have ever seen from a guy shot out, he aimed it right at her face, ream after ream left his knob and splashed onto Jan’s face, she laughed between mouth full’s of cum, then as he dried up, Joy looked over and said “you win” to Jan, a cheer went up and guys looked on with envy at the guy who’s cock had done the damage. Steve and I set them up on the bench’s, I led the Dane to Joy, while Jan went straight to the horse with his cock going in her ass, the guys cheered as each took them fully, Steve was giving the stallion plenty of mares scent, causing him to really go wild, his cock going deeper than ever, causing Jan to scream in pain and also pushi

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Ayase aragaki
Good hentai so crabbo no stabbo
Absolute perfection
Zessica wong
Sexy art
Masakiyo doubashi
Carmanland looks like a real simp tho
Meguru amatsuki
Who wants to be my step dad