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#154594 - These were followed by some of me on my own proudly pushing my pussy lips apart for the camera with every inch of the area between my legs fully exposed including the stretched openings of my vagina and anus. I was very nervous about having a go, not because of the legal implications but because I didn’t want to look stupid in front my new friends if I found myself coughing wildly or even being sick. There was a shot showing all of me with my legs were being held wide apart by someone standing behind and then a close up of my bright pink wet pussy showing every detail of my most intimate place – the boys penis deep in my hole, my inner pussy lips, my clitoris, my wee hole – you could even see one or two spots of razor burn on my smooth skin where I had shaved my pubes off.

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She would be cute without the scars
Yuri tsukikage
Thank you babe