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#81597 - I drink from you with fury because we have both been waiting far to long for this. Every so often his knuckle hits your clit like lighting you can hardly take this and scream Oh fuck . I lean in to smell the desire and lust radiating off your body Close in to your ear i whisper Your not going anywhere dear I grab the front of your dress with both hands and tear it from your body Revealing my conquest of soft skin and beads of sweat over your thighs and breasts I kiss the sweat from your neck to in between your lovely breasts Taking time to play with your perfect nipples I stop kissing your body to strap your legs down spread apart and to whisper is this what you want So there my pretty lady is Tied and exposed for me I move down to drink from you.

Read Rubbing えすてるわ~く Kitchen えすてるわ~く

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