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#169686 - Shaking her head Maxine tries to beg the men to stop it but no words come out, as the dog enters her fully it starts to thrust faster and she feels the knot enter her, screaming continuously now Maxine almost loses her mind, now she feels herself being hit by something else opening her eyes she sees the men stroking themselves to completion as the all shoot their loads over her face and breasts. ‘Did you enjoy the Photoshoot? It looked like you did!’ frozen with shock Maxine barely hears Marks next comment… ‘I certainly enjoyed watching you at it!’. ‘ If that makes you more relaxed’ the man replied, taking a camera he snapped off a few photos as Maxine sat and lent back on her arms slightly, pushing out her breasts, ‘what now’ she asked, the man looked and said ‘how about undoing your dress, let it fall open naturally’.

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