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#276196 - Jerry moving closer Now when you cut her throat the tub will catch the blood, now pull her head back and locate the main artery in her neck he said pointing to the girl and her now swollen neck Cut along her neck line, start behind her ear and cut all the way to the other side across her throat he added handing Jessica a very sharp scalpel type knife, YOU FUCKING BITCH YOU WILL ROT IN HELL FOR THIS!! the girl screams, as Jessica without taking a second longer, took the knife dug it deep into the girls neck behind her left ear and pulled it quickly across her throat parting the skin causing her to start coughing up blood as the blood began flowing from her neck covering Jessica in a blood bath. Taking the electric saw into her hands Jessica began to make the straight cut right up the dead meat-girl the saw cut right though her like butter through her spine and in seconds the meat-girl was severed into two halves ready to cool. Placing the saw down she picked up the knife and

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Rika shinozaki
Really hot that you did it in the car like that my wife use to have fun with me that way but not so tame
Shuu tsukiyama
We will have to make a bj hentai with cum swallowing in the future
Garie tuman
Instead of fucking your stepdaughter try taking her to church
Sakurako ohmuro
Thank you
Erika suzuki
I could fuck that