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#361959 - She stretched, politely covering her mouth, momentarily highlighting enchanting breasts, obviously contained by a soft cupped brassiere; her prominent erect nipples were pressed against her normally loose pink linen blouse like twin towers rising above a pink fog. Rolling back I sat on my haunches, the spent and beaten cock resting against her equally abused vulva, her thighs across mine, sipping the flavorful fluids that I’d caught in the coffee cup as she wiped my jetted seed up with her fingers, sucking my offerings as if they were the tastiest sweets in the world. Anna’s urgent fingers led my fingers to the fastenings of her blouse as our imperative touch dared to bare her most secret treasures, drawing my hands back from their mission to the backs of her thighs I lifted them defining and highlighting her vulva, the division of her nether portal and the labial shutters of ecstasy.

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