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#383266 - I told them both I knew how to help them get more in, telling the guys to lift them by their feet and shoulders, as this was done, I told the guys to lift and lower the girls carefully onto my fists, as this was done I told them to take a lot more poppers, once done I told the guys to lift them, then let their full weight go onto me, boy did I have to hang onto my arms, as both woman were dropped Sue went down, her ass sucking my arm in, Gretchen being lighter didn't drop as far, she then told them to lift her higher, and drop her, she screamed a bit as my arm disappeared into her body. By now the guys were done for, laying around knackered, the girls relaxed alongside us, Sue was first to speak and ask the guys if they were up for more fun Saturday night, the night lit up with smiles all round, and lots of yes please, Gretchen and Lyn both said, bring more mates too, as they played with each other's pussies. For some reason they then looked at Lyn, and asked her, she said a

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