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#182460 - Then there was the skirt, a dark blue, shining material skirt, tight enough to conform to her gorgeous curves and thin enough to wrinkle with every little movement of her lithe body, reaching maybe 6 inches below her waist. Ow, ow, please don't sir, it hurts! I just pulled back a little and pushed harder, sinking two thick knuckles in her tight ass, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, another pull-and-push stroke and my whole forefinger was buried in her ass to the accompaniment of another squeal, Ohhhhhhhhh godddddddddd!! Ever had your ass fucked, Kat? No, sir! Fingered? Ah, no sir! I am anal virgin! Well, not for long. She said, her eyes meeting mine for a fraction of a second then lowered hers again.

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