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#5726 - Over the next year we continued our tryst most weekday afternoons with it usually just being a cum dump, she seemed to gain a great amount of pleasure from just pleasing me and would tussle my hair afterwards saying something like “did you enjoy that”, “good boy” “bet your glad to get that off your mind’ etc etc. The next thing I knew was it was morning and I was still inside her with a morning woody, Pam was still asleep as I started sliding in and out and soon Pam was moaning softly and pushing slowly back on me enjoying it as much as I was. Another memorable time was when I was staying over and Pam had fallen asleep on the lounge, my usual bed.

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Issa kaburagi
Well i hope he let her use it first
Karamatsu matsuno
Is his belt buckle also a hip flask
Saki tsuzura
Bunu bir siksem