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#47227 - Emily’s interview was at 10 am on the Thursday, this meant we had to travel down Wednesday and spend the night down there, Susan said she would book the hotel as she had more time than I had. We washed and dressed then set off home, arriving late afternoon, Sue was home and asked how the trip had been, Emily told her about being accepted and the course starting next week, she then said about being given a flat and how we got a few things for it and having to give it a good clean, then having to stay there the night as it was too late to drive home. To my surprise she just rolled onto her back and as she stretched said “Morning dad”, her tits were now free, I wasn’t surprised they held their shape and didn’t sag down like her mothers, she was at a guess about a 34c, “What are you doing while I’m in the interview”? “I don’t know, maybe just go for a walk” then without any hesitation or worry, Emily pushed the sheet back and got out of bed and went to the bathroom, seeing the swa

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Chie matsuoka
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